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How to login

To log into the backend please visit: https://demo.onepagercms.de/opcms-login.php

The log into your own installation you have to add "/opcms-login.php" to the URL of your site. Just like above.


For those who are interested

OnePager CMS (OPCMS) is a content management system for onepager websites. Unlike Wordpress, TYPO3 and others, OnePager CMS was specially designed for onepage websites. OPCMS uses a SQLite-Database forsaving the website contents. The advantage over MySQL (used in the most common CMS) is the required memory space. With OPCMS you don't even need to setup your database. After you unpacked the download file to your webspace, you are ready to go!

I have enough webspace, why shouldn't I use a common CMS?
Of course you could use a more common CMS and install numerous plugins to build your onepager website. But with OnePager CMS you'll get the same result much less complicated. All menus are directly designed for creating an onepage website. You won't find any unused or confusing operations.

Is it easy to build my website with OPCMS?
It's as easy as it can be. You don't need any development skills or experiences in dealing with CMS. All you need to do is to unpack the downloadable file to your webspace and enter your content. The menus of OPCMS are pretty much self-explanatory and - even for beginners easy to handle.



Why should you use OnePager CMS?


The whole package weights less than 10 MB, including a SQLite Database.

Fast Installation

Database already set up - no need to configure a MySQL-DB.


Thanks to the framework you don't need to worry about styling.


Backend and Frontend are responsive for mobile devices, and desktop screens.


Every file is fully editable and adding custom CSS is possible through the backend.

Fast Pageloading

No unnecessary lines of code. Your content will be loaded as fast as possible.

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